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Acoustic kids drum set

Discovering that your child actually has a talent for music; drums, in particular, is a wonderful thing. Naturally, you'll want to throw in your two cents to ensure that you over played your part in steering him or her towards becoming the musical genius he or she is destined to be. And since drums is the subject here, you'll also want to get your child the best kids drum set money can buy, or what your pockets will allow.

This brings us to the question; what should you look for to ascertain that whatever you buy for your child is not only the real deal but something that will deepen his or her desire for music and mastering the drums?

If you plan to buy a drum set for your child in person, then either consult with a friend who is familiar with drums or do a thorough research in the matter. It's assumed that you'll be doing the purchase by yourself, so here are some pointers on what to expect, and look for.

Make an Acquaintance with the kids Drum Set:

Regardless of the fact that most drum sets look the same, there are three major differences that they all possess considering their general quality and the number of drums, cymbals, and percussion instruments. There are essentially three components in any drum set: bass drum or kick drum (the largest drum in a set. Produces the deepest sounds), snare drum ( the main drum in a set. Produces loud, and sharp sounds), and hi-hat (a set of two cymbals next to the snare drum).

These are the main components every kids drum set will include. Tom toms or simply toms are alternative drums that are included in the drum set. Usually, they give off a hollow sound at varying pitches according to the drum size. Apart from the hi-hats, the other two cymbals that you may find in a kid's drum set are the crash cymbals (loudest cymbals in a kit. Usually mounted on the toms), and ride cymbals (larger than the crash cymbal and produces a gentler sound).

Determine What Features Matter Most:

A mistake that most parents make when purchasing a drum set for their child is buying a drum set that lacks one or more of the major components listed above. Firstly, determine how many pieces you'd like in the drum set. Normally, most drummers play a 3 to 5 piece drum set. Experience is necessary for a drummer to acquire a taste for the number of pieces they'd like in a kit; hence, the number of pieces in a kit shouldn't be a big issue.

For a kid's drum set, often, it's preferable to begin simply with a three or four-piece drum set. Nonetheless, the quality of the kit matters a lot. It depends on how much faith you have on your child. If the child's potential is promising, you should invest in a high quality and professional drum set. Don't just go into a toy store and pick up a drum set just because it's for kids.

Go to a good music shop, let the owners know that you're looking for a good drum set for your child, and with the limited knowledge you have, plus their expertise - you should be able to find something that your child will appreciate for years. Ensure that the drum set you buy has all the major components indicated earlier. Other instruments are optional, so only invest in them if you can afford them or if you feel generous.


Kids drum sets come in varying sizes compared to the regular drum kits. The ones for kids are usually smaller and are meant for different age groups. Get your child a drum set that will be comfortable for them to play, minding their posture and the fact that they are still growing. If your child is still young, say below 10 years old, and relatively short, then the drum set meant for kids will do. However, if your child is above 11 years old, and is taller than what the kid's drum set can accommodate, then you'll want to get him or her the regular drum set.


Look around and identify the brands that seem to dominate the drum kit industry and what makes one brand preferable to another. Consider quality and longevity. The first time you ask for the price of the drum kit, you'll instantly realize that it's not a purchase you'll want to make lightly. So invest in drums that'll last for a while, or at least until the next time you'll be willing to invest in another drum kit. Also, this is your child you're investing in, so you want to give them an instrument that'll bring out the best of their talent.
In the End:

Everything new comes with it's merits and demerits. Nonetheless, researching and knowing the new thing will always make it more tolerable. Acquiring the right drum set for your kid will demand some effort on your part, but it'll be worth it in the end. After all, this is your child's future you're investing in. First, know the basic features of the drum set and determine what features matter most, and then do some research to determine the best brand you want to invest in. And your precious child will always love you for believing in him or her and investing in his or her future acoustic kids drum set.